Why LSY Hardware and engineering services?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the vast number of hardware tools,fittings and couplings in the market? 

Sourcing for the right size , right material , right tools for the job can be a HUGE headache and may lead to complications.  Many of our customers in the industrial industry face this problem. Procuring the wrong tools for the job, fitting were not compatible, going through the trouble to have the items refunded or exchanging for the right one.  Some of their plight were much worse. They can’t do an exchange nor a refund.

LSY hardware and engineering helps relief you of all these problems!  

We work with you closely to figure out the size of the fittings you actually require.

Finding the right tools for you. We have experience staff with huge knowledge and experience in hardware tools or powered tools. 

We guarantee you with the best quality product at a reasonable costs. 100% money refund guaranteed.

Free delivery! ( minimally spending $80. ) Let us know when and where you want it to be locally delivered. We will take care of the rest and deliver it.